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Fay A.'s Bio Update ?


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Fay :

I just noticed. According to your 7/22/05 bio entry it looks like cancer progression.I could be wrong about the dating, but I thought that I read somewhere that you just had some scan(s) performed that would be even more recent than 7/22/05. Please clarify for us as to your current CA status if you wouldn't mind.


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Just saw this. Forgot to add the High Resolution CT on 7-27-05.

Just hanging in until I meet with the surgeon next Tuesday.

I've heard from several friends who have had right side pneumonectomy, followed with up to 10 percent of left lung removed. They're doing fine. Sure hope I can follow in their shoes.

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Okay,I got a true story for you Fay.

An elderly man in his late 70's had a recurrence of LC. He had his left lung removed when he was in his late 60's. His cancer came back in his late 70's in his right upper lung. They removed the RIGHT UPPER LOBE. He lived to be 86 years old, AND he continue to SMOKE SALEM CIGARETTES!! :shock:

GOD'S HONEST TRUTH! A friend of mine who is a LC Survivor of 12 years, lived nextdoor to this elderly fellow. All we could do was (shake our heads) :roll:

Love & Hugs,


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Thanks, Connie. I'm "collecting" these stories to present to the surgeon in the event that he doesn't want to operate. I know that anything this unscientific won't be given any weight in his decision making process, but I'm at least going to let him know I'm game if he is. :wink:

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Holy crow, Fay. Maybe you should present yourself to the surgeon as a career-enhancing challenge. Sell him on how much he can learn from you! It would seem that, no matter how lousy the odds are, that if surgery is your best/only chance it should be made available. If I were a surgeon, I'd want patients like you - tough to treat but tougher to beat. Keeping you in my prayers.

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Lots of support for you here! You haven't come this far for nothing! You may feel like you're walking on a tightrope, but take just the slightest peak down and you'll see all of us holding a big, tough safety net!

I hope nobody gets sick of my quotes, I just find them helpful. Here's one for you, Fay.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

---------------Ralph Waldo Emerson


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I personnally know an accountant that

had his left lung removed 14 years ago and

one lobe of the right one taken out five

years ago and he is still going on trip

and drives his car to this day.

That is in Canada and the States are more

advanced in treatment than here.

Good luck.


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