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Angiogram for my mom--Updated 8/9/05 with not good news


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I know I have not posted lately as much, no excuse, but with moving and working and dealing with my own neurosis and constant dr visits for fertility treatment (not working), I just have been out of it.

ANyway, my mom had a ct-angiogram of the heart as a follow up to the incident in the hospital in May when she had the coiling for the anyerusm adn suddenly developed acture respiratory distress.

The ct-angiogram showed some blockage, so she has to get an angiogram on Tuesday and depending what it shows, she will be admitted. I hope not! She is tired with hospitals.

Any good thoughts will be appreciated!

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Oh Andrea, I am so sorry to hear about mom having to go through another round of hospital tests! BIG BUMMER!!! She has been through SOOOOOO MUCH!!!

If there is anything I can do (other then get pregnant for you, been there done that, and I'm spade anyway) :P:roll::wink: please know I'm here for you!

Give MOM A HUG PLEASE FOR ME!! One coming for you too!!! (((((ANDREA))))))

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Hi Andrea,

Praying that the blockage can be easily remedied with a stent or some such easy procedure. If it can, I tell ya, it's a piece of cake. The hard part is staying immobile for hours afterward unless they do the stitch there. That might be something to ask about.

Cindi o'h

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What a rotten deal for your mom! :cry:

I hear from people I've met who've had bypass surgery that they feel MUCH BETTER after it's done - they say it's well worth the hassle to end up feeling so much better. Let's hope your mom will say the same thing. :)

Maybe the baby in your future just realises he/she will get even MORE of your time and loving if he/she waits until things settle down a little more in your life. It'll happen.


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