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Saw my doctor today. Got the CT results and all looks good. No mets in the liver or abdomen and nothing new in the chest. (Well, except for the blood clot)

So the doc thinks the liver function numbers were way up due to the Alimta, but they have come back down to the normal range again so we are going for Alimta #2 on Saturday. I can't take my Advil until 2 days after the infusion. Apparently Advil may cause some of the reaction I had and he wants this one to go as smoothly as possible.

I'm taking Lortab for the pain, even though it doesn't work as good as Advil.

The nurse showed me how to do the shots properly today. They told me totally wrong in the ER the other day. Got off lucky today, she did it for me. I told her I'd pay her LARGE amounts of money to come to my house everyday.....unfortunately it didn't work.

So, I'm glad the ct scan showed nothing new and I'm back on the treatment track.

Thank you for all of your support.


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Wow, Teri!

Can you believe it? I am pinching myself over here!!

(better than a needle in the gut!)

Looking forward to hearing that Alimta won't treat you so badly next round. Say, did they ever figure out that rash? And, has it left you? What about the pain? (nosey, huh?)

Cindi o'h

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Hi Tann,

It's about time you received some good news. :D That is great to hear.

I could feel that you are on your way back.

Keep the good news coming, you certainly deserve much more.


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This is such wonderful news....except for the shots!!! I think I would actually be better at sticking myself that having to stick someone else!!! Hang in there...you're doing great!!!!

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I'm late to the party here...but a party it IS with such a great report, TAnn. I'm so pleased for you that your scan showed no new mets and that you'll be back on track with the chemo.

Hope the Lortab ends up working better this time than you think!

Keep us posted....and again, I'm so happy to hear this good news.

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