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Hugs for All


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Hello to All,

I have not been keeping up so good with replying to posts lately. There have been SO many. There are several new folks looking for help and support. There has been GOOD news giving some reason to celebrate. There has been news we sure wish had been better. There are those suffering from anxiety due to scans and awaiting those scan results. Some are suffering physically...others mentally. Caretakers have been so vigilant on behalf of their loved ones.

I have been reading, reading, reading. I just have not been able to keep up. I think wherever we happen to be right now on this journey with this disease, that we ALL could just use one BIG hug. I know, I for sure, need one right now.

So I am sending this out to ALL of you hoping the warmth of my sincerity can perhaps, in some way, let you know that you are cared about and help lift you up.

I have read ALL the recent post. I hope you will understand that my lack of responses is not due to my lack of caring.

(((((HUGS))))) to All of you!


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Kasey...sometimes the news around here gets overwhelming...and much as we care, it's just hard to respond when so many have less than good news. :(

This is all to say....I understand. Sometimes, I have to just step back a bit because I hardly know what to say. But still....I'm drawn to come here and read and HOPE for better news or for things to turn around for all those who need that.

Anyway, I'm sending a big hug your way and I know you'll be back posting and your usual supportive self, soon as you catch your breath a bit. Just know I'm thinking of you in the meanwhile.....

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Kasey, I only hope that whatever is happening in your life that is keeping you so busy is just the regular living of life. I have always thought you are a 'classy' lady (obviously because you are from PA) and wish you only the best. Visit and post as you can.

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Hey Girlfriend, WARM AND GENTLE HUGS are coming right back at YA!! ((((((((KASEY))))))))

There is nothing that says you HAVE To post each and every day or to every single post. You do what works for you and what is comfortable.

I know where to find you if & when I need you!! :wink: ((KASEY))



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Ouch, someone is really hugging hard in the Big Group Hug with Kasey in the middle of us! Kasey, I always enjoy your spirit.

I've just recently become a more active participant even though I've been here with all of you for more than a year. Sometimes I get too sad if someone is suffering on the board and I have to ban myself for a few days so I don't slip into the dark hole myself.

Hope you are just taking a break to water the plants and eat yummy fudgsicles.


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Hi Kasey,

Your presence is always missed because you are such a positive lifeline to this group and a breath of fresh air.

Times get tough and you have to take care of you. We all understand that. Just post when you can.

I pray all is going with you.

(((((KASEY, BIG GROUP HUG )))) Ummmm I am finding it a little hard to breathe here. :shock::wink:


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