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Letter from Blue Bayou's husband Giles


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Dear friends of BlueBayou,

My dear sweetest loving wife, Francine, died at 6:30 pm on July 28th,

just two days before her 57th birthday. She was informed on Wednesday

July 13th that Tarceva, which she had been on for about two months was

not working and that the tumours in her neck, chest and abdomen were

very much larger. Her oncologist said he had no more tricks up his sleeve

and so with heavy heart and in a bit of shock we headed back to our

apartment. Over the next two days she deteriorated very rapidly and she

was admitted to the palliative unit at Elizabeth bruyere Hospital in

Ottawa on Saturday the 16th.

It was the last two weeks of her life that really defined Francine as a

person. She accepted that she was going to die and set about making it

easier for all of her loved ones and friends. She ambraced God and

Jesus and clearly indicated that she was anxious to get to heaven and see

her father again. She asked only that she die in dignity and with no

pain and I can say that got her wishes. In fact, the nurse looking

after her loved and admired her so much that she gave her a bubble bath the

morning of her death.

Literally, she held court towards the end of the first week, calling

everyone in and either speaking words of encouragement or saying

wonderfully kind things to all. Her humour was unbelievably refreshing. For

instance on Saturday after seeing thirteen people throughout the day and

into the wee hours of the morning and having prepared herself for

death, she exclaimed to me upon waking the next day (I slept beside her that

night) "Oh shi_, I am still alive". At another point when my daughter

was singing to her and I was feeding her an iced cappuccino, and her

sister was massaging her legs she sighed and said " this is the best

death ever".

Francine had no regrets, she lived her life exactly as she wanted,

travelling the world and experiencing the wonders of different countries

and cultures. She and I raised a wonderful, loving and independent

daughter who is strong of spirit and generous of heart.

Francine and I loved each other with a strength that will endure

forever. I will miss her so very very much.

I hope that I have done this right and that you can share this with all

her friends whom she came in contact with on this website. If anyone

of you wish to express your thoughts about her please send them to her

yahoo e-mail address globetrotter6_ca@yahoo.com which I will

check regularly.


Gilles, her hubby


Dx NSCLC Stage IIA Feb 03.

Lobectomy upper right lung.

No chemo or radiation. Observation only.

Mets to the bone (spine) Sept 03

Mets to adrenal gland Oct 03

5 days of radiation finished Oct 03

New CT scans and MRI show mets to gland, bone and to brain

Whole Brain Radiation: 4-17 Dec 03

Chemo (Cisplatin/Taxotere) Jan 04

Stereotactic radiosurgery Jan 04

CT Scans Brain/Chest/Abd (Mets to brain & glands gone)

Loss of hearing Apr 04 - restored June 04 after surgery

MRI upper spine May 04 results inconclusive

MRI/CT scans indicate mets to spine (C6/C7) Jul 04

Surgery to upper spine Jul 04

Chemo trmts Carboplatin/Taxotere begin Sep 04

CT Scans brain/neck/chest/abd Nov 04 results indicate no mets to brain/chest or abd/neck stable and tumour on adrenal gland slightly reduced

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This is so sad. I hear what Francine meant to the people here. I am so, so sorry.

Gilles, please accept my sincerest condolences. What a beautiful, peaceful picture you paint of what must have been an excrutiating time for you. God bless you, your daughter, your sister in law. I am certain Francine is at peace.

I hope this isn't tacky, I just can't get the words out of my head:

Gonna see my baby again

Gonna be with some of my friends

Maybe I'll feel better again

On Blue Bayou

love and prayers,



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