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News from Pat & Brian


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I'm not sure where to post this so that everyone will see it, I know how loved the BRAT team are.

Pat just called with the results of Brian's scans. They'd hoped his new symptoms were Tarceva side-effects, rather than progression. Unfortunately, Brian's scans showed progression in his lungs and liver. They admitted him to the hospital for at least the day so they could begin a new treatment protocol immediately. It sounds like his doctor is being aggressive and contientious.

Pat was picking up some stuff at home for him and heading back there. She may sign on later with more information, but she gave me the go ahead for posting the basics because she knows people would be looking for an update, and so we can START PRAYING for Brian and his latest battle.

I reminded her how loved and cherished they are, by me and this board. She knows it. She is one tough cookie and a woman of faith, but this is obviously hard to hear.

Brat, we love you and are praying with all that we have.



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Pat and Brian.

Not the news that we all wanted that is for sure. But, it was there and now they know and can help Brian to fight this off! Remember please Jimben and how many times it took for him to get the "correct" chemo for him! There is hope. Always.

Thanks Aimee for posting and thanks Pat for knowing where to go to get the support that you need.

I am continuing on with prayers for Brian's health.

love, Cindi o'h

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Bunny thank you so much for the update on Brian.

Please let Pat know that I am sending meditation healing prayers for him. Also, prayers are being sent to him from all over the world.

He will get through this. It is just another hurdle to deal with. He has come so far and your belief and faith in G-d has moved many a mountain.

Sending Pat much needed strength.


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Sorry to hear that Tarceva wasn't the "magic bullet" for Brian. You both must be so disappointed as are all of us who've been looking for the update. But I am glad to hear that Brian's doctor isn't wasting any time and is getting on with a new plan. I like docs like that.

Prayers being sent each and every day to you both.

Gail p-m

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All it will take is the right chemo cocktail. Believe that, Pat and Bri. Hoping they hit on the right thing immediately, and that Bri will feel the positive results of that.

Keeping you both in my close thoughts...sending out vibes for the very best! Stay positive, you two....

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