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I am the CANCER patient.

I am the husband. I am the wife.

I am the daughter. I am the son.

I am the mother. I am the father.

I am the sister. I am the brother.

I am the friend.

I am the caregiver.

My life has been forever changed by the beast we know as LUNG CANCER.

I have stared that CANCER in the face and have not backed down.

I have remained strong.

In spite of the odds, I have not bowed in submission.

Yes, I have cried tears. I have suffered depression.

But I have lifted myself up.

This CANCER has stolen some JOY from my life.

But it has not stolen my LIFE.

It may have stolen the future I THOUGHT I had.

BUT it has not stolen my hopes.

CANCER has allowed me to find strength.

My body may be weaker.

My will is stronger.

My heart feels as if it’s broken.

My soul still SOARS!

CANCER has not stolen that from me.

I will let it have little more of me.


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