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Mum has died


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Hi all

Mum died on the 4th August. :cry::cry: She was at home sleeping in bed with her loving husband of 42 years, with her three children also all under the same roof. Dad had been providing care to Mum at home for the last couple of weeks of her life and we all moved in for the last few days. Dad looked after Mum with so much love and care. It all still feels so hard to comprehend that we won't be seeing her again. She is already missed so very much.

Karen and I wish to thank you for all the information, love and support you gave to us and our Dad over the last two years. Mum died two years to the day her and Dad travelled to the city to tell their three children of Mum's diagnosis. We gained so much help from this site and from all of you. Thank you. You will all remain in our hearts and hopes for ever.


Jana and Karen


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Dear Jana & Karen

Please accept my condolences on the passing of your beloved mum. She faught a hard battle.

You dad was such a wonderful lifeline for her as well as her children. She had wonderful family who loved her so unconditionally whom gave her so much strength.

You mom is at peace. And one day, you will see her again. She will always watch over you all.

Peace be with you,


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Dear Jana and Karen,

You have been in my thoughts and prayers these past few weeks. Please know that you will continue to be there.

I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear Mum. What a wonderful support you both have been during this journey your family has experienced.

May you be filled with wonderful memories of what has been apparent to be a wonderful Mum. May you both, along with Dad, find comfort, peace, and strength in the days to come.

(((Jana, Karen, Dad))),


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Jana and Karen,

Soooo sorry for the loss of your mum. My condolences to you both, your dad, other family and friends. She sounded like such a wonderful person and I'm sure she was very proud of you both. You were there for her. You requested prayer and we prayed...must have been her time to go. Hard to understand the whys. Praying for you'll to have the strength to make it through these next few days and weeks and months. We are here for you across the miles. Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help. Take care. Cheers.

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