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5 for 8/5, because I don't know what else to do


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the past week has been astonishingly difficult for many of the people that have helped me the most here. I am at a loss and grasping for ways to express my support and commitment to all of you in the face of such tragedy and disappointment. the best I can come up with is to make what is called in 12-step circles a 'gratitude list'. I hope this doesn't seem trite to anyone who is suffering so terribly today.

so here goes nothin':

1. god has graced me with a heart that loves deeply, even people I have never 'met'

2. I am alive and living a life filled with wonderful, if sometimes scary or sad, experiences

3. suki is doing SO GREAT. she's recovering at home, feeling and breathing good, looking forward to seeing her friends that are visiting this weekend

4. tomorrow I will visit with BOTH of my parents, albeit seperately (FAR apart :) )

5. my boyfriend is my best friend. and cute.



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sometimes my funny bone gets me into trouble.

I have a warped sense of humor

My best friend, Tim

A great dirty joke I got in the email from Justakid today...(hoping she laughed as hard at the stupid thing as I did)

Makes me laugh that Bunny can't count. Great boyfriend counts as one gratitude. Cute boyfriend counts as three gratitudes.

*having a tough time with my sadness and grief as well. Experience tells me that this too shall pass...counting down the minutes. :cry:

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Thank you, Bunnygirl,

1)Plenty of the 'good' tissues for these tears



4)That you guys are here for all of us in pain

5)That Don knows everything now and that includes how much we love him and how much we will support Peggy and Mike

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1. That Bill had the energy to come upstairs to hold me when he heard me break down crying at learning about Don's death.

2. That I don't have to work tomorrow so my swollen eyes won't matter.

3. That I live close enough to finally give Peggy a hug in person.

4. That I didn't eat dinner tonight, I couldn't keep it down.

5. That I have so many others right here feeling all these same things.

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1. We have this wonderful support community that brings us together from all over the world to support, listen, celebrate, consol, pray, and grieve.

2. My parents are in from Florida for a visit.

3. Don has no pain and is in Heaven.

4. Christ died for us so that we can go to Heaven for eternity.

5. Jana and Karen's mum is in Heaven and no longer suffering and in pain.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

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Thanks Bunny, sometimes a distraction for a moment is a healthy reprieve for everyone's hurting heart.

1. Thinking Jim is probably saying to Don right now, "thank god our women are part of the LCSC family".

2. Sister is in town.

3. Sister and I had therapeutic massages.

4. Sitting outside listening to the thunder and remembering how much Jim loved the storms.

5. Quiet sleeping doggies.

I guess that is it for now; I hear Cindi adding mine up and I'm probably a little over!

You are such wonderful people,


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I am very much grateful that

1) Dad's post-chemo checkup went okay and 5th treatment is a go on the 17th. (Albeit the growing blister on his injected hand)

2) God has always been taking care of family

3) I get to hear yet another wonderful message at tomorrow's church service

4) I'm finally going to the movies tomorrow

5) I've found comfort in the people I've met here at the boards

God bless, everyone.

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Thanks Bunny for continuing this thread.

1) For Peggy posting a pic of her and Don

2) For Joels hair growing back even through it is coming in all grey. :shock:

3) For a beautful day and the humidity that finally left.

4) For last Tuesday, Joel B-day and went down the shore, stayed with friends, went to the beach ( got my legs tan, finally) and had the best weather. 8)

5) For all the support from this site, for all that we are all going through right now. We are all together, sharing our feelings.


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