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Lisa O....our STAR!!


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You did it!! You humanized all of us, Lisa...putting a face to those with lung cancer even if we also are former smokers.

Thank you for showing the world the emotions of being whacked with lung cancer, no matter the cause...which sometimes has nothing to do with smoking.

It was a good piece on this stinking disease and you were wonderful...and your darling little daughter is the spitting image of you! :wink:

I hope such bits on the news will continue and also that $$$ going into l.c. research will someday match that going into breast cancer research.

Hooray for our very own STAR, the incredible Lisa O!!

Well done!!

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Just finished watching Lisa on the West Coast. What a wonderful job she did putting a face to this disease. I think it was a good report esp. getting it to compare how many more women are lost to this disease than breast, ovarian... cancer combined. And what a family she has. She is so loved by her husband and gorgeous daughter.

Thank you Lisa for getting lung cancer such good exposure. Bet people were shocked to hear how many non-smoking women get this disease.

Well- done.

gail p-m

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Watched it, taped it and will watch it again!

Lisa you did a marvelous job of humanizing a dreadful disease. You, your husband and daughter showed us what it's all about.

Thanks for putting a face forward for women with lung cancer.


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