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Question- Don't laugh I'm serious


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I have a question. Can dogs have psycosamatic illness or injuries? Let me tell you what happened with Misty this past week. I know she is smart but is she that smart or can it be psycosamatic?

I have to be gone from home a lot. Some days I am gone nearly 12 hours and on some days I don't come home because I have overnight jobs after my day is done. Misty spends a lot of time alone.

Every once in a while she gets her claws caught in the carpet. Sometimes that is because she paws at it like she is making a bed, other times it is because she gets an itch and nearly stands on her head biting her butt and her claws dig in. Cutting them does no good. She still gets caught and she panics and starts jumping around and hollering. I always worry that it will happen while I am at work.

Last Friday when I got home she was hurt. When she went down the steps she cried out and I thought she had a burr in her foot. Her nail looks like it was out too far so I assumed that she got it caught and that was what was hurting. The next day she didn't want to go down the steps so I carried her. She walked very slowly and would cry if she moved the wrong way. I decided that maybe she had strained her shoulder or something.

That night she was better and walking like nothing was wrong. The next morning she was walking with her head down and barely moving. I was really worried about her. All week that went on. One time she was fine and the next time she wouldn't go down the steps and acted as if she could barely walk. Needless to say I was stumpted and worried about her each day while I was gone.

When I got home Wednesday night she met me at the door excited as always and ready for her walk. She ran down the steps and nearly ran on her walk (she was on the leash and I was not running after working all day). All evening she was fine.

The next morning she was fine that is she was fine until she saw me get my clothes out for my shower and my bag for my overnight job. Instantly she was walking with her nose nearly on the floor and very slowly. When she lay down I saw her watching me. She did not have that same dull look in her eyes that she did for the first few days. I said " there is no way. You are not fooling me". Does it surprise you to know that she has been fine sense then?

I know that she was hurt at first but what I wonder is can she be smart enough to think that she can control me and keep me home by acting that way or is she upset because I am leaving and her hurts just automatically start?

Oh I have to tell you ladies something. I got a chance to go to a play today. One of the ladies I work for got tickets from her daughter for us to go. I felt bad about leaving Misty and even a little guilty because I always have so much to do when I am off. I decided that I need something besides work so I went. The show was brought here by the ladies of the Red Hat Society. It is called "Big Purple Undies". It has been a very long time sense I have laughed so much. I think it was just what I needed. If you get a chance and need something to take your mind off of things go see it. You will not regret it and men can go too if they are brave enough.

It was an extra treat to me because it took place in the old renovated theater and that was a real experience to even go there. Lillian

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Hi, Lilian.

I'd suggest you have your pooch tested for Lyme disease. It can look like arthritis in dogs - stiffness and soreness. It can be cured with antibiotics, but it can be a serious problem if left untreated.

Hope she feels better soon. Have you tried a Buster cube to keep her occupied? Misty may do better with something to work at while you're gone. The Buster cube is made of really hard plastic, and you put dog food or treats inside. Playing with the cube releases the food. The toy is incredibly durable - my pitbull can't destroy it, and he tries!

If Misty turns out to be healthy, maybe she would enjoy the company of a cat or another dog. When I had my rottie, she was best buddies with one of our cats. They used to curl up and snooze together.

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I totally believe everything you said, and dont think you thoughts are too far off. Dogs are not dumb. Mime has shown me that. Last year I spent about 500 dollars trying to learn what was "wrong" with my pug, well after it was all said and done, a doggy valium and attention were what he needed. He was jealous, my daughter had brought home a homeless teacup poodle who would not have a thing to do with anyone but me. I thought I was showing Corky the same amount of attention I always had, plus there are others in the family and he loves them all, but he had been the only one for 8 years.

When my boyfriend and I would fight, you could almost bet your life that soon when he got the chance he would pee on Kevins pillow. As mich as he got in trouble he didnt care he was mad at Kevin. Corky could be even meaner to my mom, who never really liked dogs, and she made him mind, it was funny. Dogs know exactly what they are doing, and why they are doing it. Someone told me once that a dogs can not tell the difference between 45 minues and 2 days (any amount of time). Thats why they are always excited to see you wether you went out of town for the night or to the grocery store. Its all the same to them and they miss you.

Good luck and I am sure Misty will be fine, she is just adjusting to your new lifestyle.


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Hi Lillian,

I feel dogs do have a 6 sense, and would do anything for attention. Did he change any since John passed. Maybe she is afraid you won't come home and she will be left alone. She certainly is pulling at your heart strings though. :lol:

Also, Iam waiting for that show to come here. I just saw Menapause and just roared. :mrgreen: If you get a change see that.


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Lil, you and I both know how smart and intutive that little dog can be so I, for one, wouldn't be surprised at anything she might do! I know that for a time after Johnny's death it was difficult for the two of you to connect. Now that you have made that bond, I'm sure she probably has a bit of anxiety when it comes to your leaving her. I'm sure she will be fine as soon as you have a wee bit more time at home. I'm so happy that well deserved time is coming your way soon....we hope!!!! I am so glad that you decided to go to the play! It sounds like a riot! Anything that makes us laugh is definitely a very good thing!!!

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