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6 month screening/anticlimatic


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Well, I didnt have a lot of anxiety over my 6 mos. screen appt., and good thing I didnt. Onc. offered the whole range of scans (I havent had even an xray in 7 mos. now.), but I repeated my concern that I had gotten waaay to much radiation last year, and I guess I talked him out of doing any. He just "felt me up" :oops: , (felt lymph nodes all over), and listened to chest. He said it sounds and looks good, so we could wait another 6 mos. to do an xray. So I went for it. (If they give me an out, I jump on it..hehe.) Meantime, if migraines or anything gets worse, Im to call him.

I hope Im not too darn good at influencing the docs treatments...too good for my own good, as they say. Dunno, but there is no hint of trouble, gained back weight, blood work ok, migraines seem to be waning away...so just gonna go with it...might ask for xray to be moved up few months just to get it in on this years insurance cycle, tho...and I am beginning to think it wouldnt hurt to take a look again, before too long.

Anyway, I went upstairs to see the spinal surgeon again, only saw his PA, who consulted with him and prescribed 50 mg dose of Nortryptiline, which I already been taking in 10 mg dose, as sleep aid, antidepressant. He says higher doses have been shown to help with osteoarthritis pain, so...gotta try it for a full month to measure effect. Boy, does it knock me out at bedtime tho..hehe.

So, all in all, anticlimatic...but took care of business and will get a xray before end of year, I guess. Good news tho, as far as we went...Rich B.

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oh Rich..

You are too funny! That is a GREAT check-up! You should come with me to my appointments; I need someone who can boss my docs around and it seems as if you are doing a great job at it.

Well, now you know (kinda)how it feels to get felt up! What a riot!

Keep up the recovery, Rich. Take care of that dang back and don't overdo it out in the yard!

Cindi o'h

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Well Rich, it certainly seems like you are some manipulator. :wink:

Seems like you may have had experience in that department. :roll:

Glad you are feeling better enough to wait. But do get that chest Xray.


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Rich, Rich, Rich :? ...

I'm going to be the odd "man" out here. While I appreciate the fine art of medical manipulation :twisted: - I really think that you need an xray of your chest and now, not later. 7 months is a long time to go without one, especially at a year. I know how we want the "what I don't know can't hurt me" mentality, but we also know that that doesn't quite apply to lung cancer. And a doctor listening to your lungs isn't necessarily going to "hear" if there is a problem.

Anyway, I'm really not one to give unsolicited lectures, because I am basically insane at test times, as you know! I just felt the need to be devil's advocate. I know you went through the wringer of tests before and I would hate all that to influence you into not getting the tests you need now...

I was going to make a comment about the doctor making house calls but decided to take a higher road; I'm the moderator for crying out loud... :shock::lol::lol:

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I second Debi. I wasn't feeling "cancer sick" when I was diagnosed. I had pneumonia, as did my husband, and we both felt like total crap, but I sure didn't feel "cancer sick".

So I glow at night, saves money on a nightlight!

I wouldn't be secure without at least a semi-annual scan, if not quarterly...

...and I didn't have the "Highway to Hell" MRI!

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Glad you are feeling well and that the migraines continue to abate. I understand your ambivalence about the scans...they have a Good Guy/Bad Guy reputation, but I guess I'm going to align myself with Debi and Snow because it is relatively early days for you. Maybe you should try for more "climaxes" at this stage :wink: . (Just trying to put a humorous spin on my opinion :oops: ).

Keep on keepin' on, in any case :D

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Hehe; thank you all for your replies , and the humor too. Had a few good laughs in there.

But I am having 2nd thoughts now, beginning to get curious about whats in there these days...sigh. So maybe is time for another "photoshoot" soon. Think I will split the difference...move the xray up too Oct. or Sept. That will cut the wait time in half, and get it on this years insurance too..heh.

Spose he might wanna feel me up again, but this time Im gonna insist on dinner and a movie first. :lol:

Thanx again all....Rich B.

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LOL Rich,

The very least he could do is buy you dinner and a movie before he starts in with the you know what.

We had our surgeries a day apart and I know I can't wait for my scan In September. I'd be way too nervous to skip it.

I agree with the others who say get that scan.

Hey, I have mine in September, schedule yours for then and we can get nervous together :wink:


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Rich...glad to see you are keeping that great sense of humor!!! Yes, I think by all means that dinner and a movie is definitely not too much to ask, considering the payoff!!!! Glad to hear that the doc says everything is OK. But...I'm also glad that you're opting for testing earlier than scheduled!!!

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