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Nexium/Prilosec OTC


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Nexium and Prilosec , as we have learned here, apparently use the same active ingredient. I recently switched to Prilosec OTC, (Over the counter) and seems to be working ok.

Nexium is very expensive, (the rip-off version of drug..?), my copay was 63 bucks for 30, 40 mg capsules. Two boxes of Prilosec, 20 mg is 26 bucks for 28 days worth. Note that the dosage is 1/2 of what Nexium prescrip. was., but I always thought the Nexium was overkill dosage, as it wiped out stomach troubles so completely. So far, the Prilosec works just as well for me, at half the dose, and half the price or so.

So, If u are paying full prescription price of 130 bucks or so...or even a copay of 63 or so...might be worth a try to see if Prilosec OTC will work just as well for you. Just FYI..take care..Rich B.

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Thanks for the info. As we have learned from this battle with cancer, everyone is different and reacts differently. I think I will try the Prilosec since I haven't had a chance to get a prescription for Nexium...been too busy with other things. Thanks again. Take care.

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I'm glad you mentioned the dosage. I asked my docs about the OTC medications since my insurance was no longer covering the cost of Prevacid and they said it would be more expensive because I would have to buy more in order to get the dosage I needed.

Instead I got a script for Protonix, same family, and it is working great, only a $25 copay for me.

It might be worth asking about!


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