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I can't just sit and wait...tomorrow my husband will be seeing the pulmonary oncologist, so I am researching all I can on all of the options available and what they mean.

I keep reading how wonderful many have done with Iressa, could I get some feedback on who has used this and what their results have been?

Also is Iressa just for NSCLC, or for both small and non-small?

Also what is all the controversy with this drug about? Is it safe?

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I believe Iressa is being phased out except where someone is already taking it, because the final research results did not support its overall effectiveness. Most people are on Tarceva, a relative, which is supposed to be more effective. I believe both these chemos are for NSCLC. Don

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Don is right. From what I've heard, they are no longer prescribing Iressa to new patients and are instead going with Tarceva.

I was on Iressa for 6 months with very good results and when the study came out I was switched to Tarceva and had good results for another 6 months. They are both for NSCLC.

If you do a search for Tarceva on this website you will see many posts about our progress and side effects.

Please pm me if you need more info.


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Barry, my hushand, has been on iressa since December last year. So far so good. Little side effects except for a rash which comes and goes. We live in the UK and tarceva is now available but his doctor sees no reason at the moment to change a treatment that has so far been successful. This was backed up by a second opinion. At one of the leading cancer centres here they have had modest success in switching patients to tarceva if iressa fails.

Best wishes


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