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Good News for us


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Please forgive me for posting Good News in the wrong forum...but we have had such devestating news lately that I wanted to share my news today with everyone.

I learned today, after several long weeks of not knowing, that my brother has decided to do treatment for his cancer afterall.

He will begin chemo very soon. He has a good medical team that believes they will pull him thru this to the other side. I am going to pray for just that.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers. I do believe they were heard!

Many hugs,

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Oh Katie :D !

My heart is lighter this morning reading your words. To know that your brother's medical team is optimistic....well OUTSTANDING!

In addition to prayers for your dear brother, prayers will be that this bit of GOOD will be the beginning of a turn around here. Pleas let it be so!

I am so happy that your family can have some optimism.

Love and prayers,


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Katie, this is such good news and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I know that your dear mother must be so very happy! I am keeping your brother and your family on my prayer list!

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Katie B.,

As a Moderator for Good News my personal take on it is good news should be posted here, under Good News, and just about any other place that it will catch the eye of someone who cares for the poster, or is in need of a lift themselves.

This is wonderful news, and I am so happy that you shared this!

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