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5 for 08/08 (starting early cause i can't sleep)


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I've come back from vacation and started reading and thought that maybe it was a good day for this for me (and probably a few others, as well)

1.) This "second home"

2.) Friends who've been there

3.) School starting again :wink:

4.) Mom starting to feel better

5.) My wonderful (adorable & goofy) husband and daughter

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I think I get this...even if it is 4:30am!

1. My husband has an appointment with a great Dr. today.

2. I have recovered well from my hysterectomy (6 weeks ago) so I can be strong for my husband

3. Our children have been such a great help and support

4. After finding this site, I really can see the light at the end of the tunnel

5. My only daughter turns 19 today!

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This is a day to list our blessings, especially with the sadness of this past week

1. My wonderful husband of 22 years--more years with cancer than without

2. My 19 year old son who will be returning for his 2nd year of college. He is passing out of those lovely teenage years

3. I was lucky enough to be able to quit smoking in 1984 and never return.

4. My sisters-- we are connected together in ways that people envy

5. I am grateful today that my breast cancer kept me vigilant towards my health. Because of the breast cancer, my lung cancer was found very early.


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1. A morning filled with sunshine.

2. Three wonderful sons

3. Two future DIL's who are both teachers - God bless them!

4. Wet kisses from my new puppy

5. The ability to love again

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1. Missy's back from vacation!

2. The AC in my office is better than the AC in my

house (OK, I'm actually freezing - trying to be

positive here :roll: )

3. I had a beautiful day in Central Park with Dave's

family (brothers, nephews, etc.) yesterday

4. (this embarasses me a little, feel like a worry- wart, but...) I went for a "peace of mind"

lung screening last week and it was clear :)

5. you've all come to feel like friends.



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1: I woke up again today.

2: My daughter is now married and happily on her honeymoon.

3: My husband, who has taken good care of me for 35 years.

4: Air conditioning - it's hot here in VT for a change!

5: My sister, who worries about me from 3,000 miles away.


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