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Right Middle lobe Syndrome


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HI Joanie, My surgeon has called my condition that at times. A litttle history last july had a lobectomy upper right lobe, was supposed to start radiation in early sept, but started having a lot of trouble breathing so i had a battery of tests and it was decided that my bronchus going to my right lung was collapsing on itself. so I did have raidiation after I had 2 rigid bronchscopies. Now they think my middle lobe was damaged from the radiation and it is the cause of my breathing problems along with asthma, copd, and scar tissue. It has been a huge battle for me, my breathing is horrible much worse then when this all started, they tell me they think my right lung is useless, but don't want to remove it I wish they had from the begining. I am gratefull to be alive though!

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