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Club Med hall pass?


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Can I have the ticket to Club Med hallpass? I'm off for surgery tomorrow and am not sure when I will be home. The doctor says Thursday, but if the food's good, maybe the weekend...

I gave notice at work and refered to it as "vacation"...single women looked at me funny with "How can surgery be vacation?". Well, it's all in perspective.

I'm going to be in the hospital. I won't have to cook and food will appear. I won't have to do laundry to get clean sheets and I won't have to make the bed. I won't even have to get out of bed to pee! Gee, if that ain't a vacation....

I'll be back when I can. If you need an update, call the Cookieman.


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Only you could see this as a vacation Beck.. :roll:

Take the bed pan pass but it better come back clean!!

Kasey..the Cookieman is Mr. Becky AKA Mr. Snowflake...she used to let him get on once in awhile.

Hurry your butt back here! Who's running your chat?

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Snicker, snicker, snicker....what a dreamer our Cindy is....chocolate cake and a glass of milk??? Bwwwwaaaaa Hahahahahaha!!

How about a nice big bowl of.............GREEN JELLO???? ALL YOU CAN EAT, BABY...AND SOME STALE SALTINES TO GO WITH IT! :lol:

Seriously, toots....when I went thru this about 4 score and 20 years ago...a good friend sent me a card saying he was sorry about my having to have the "playroom demolished". :roll:8) Like you...I figured it was a mini vacation from HOUSEWORK and I ended up getting the cutest teddy bear out of the deal from hubby and my youngest son. That teddy still sits on my bed.

I know you'll be fine and when you get home I hope that Cookie the puppy and Cookieman the hubby (got all that straight now, Kasey? :wink: ) will pamper you and take good care of you!

Email me when you can....I'll be thinking of you!

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Hi Becky,

Club Med??? You are so funny. You even keep your sense of humor a day before an operation...You rule girl.

Hope all goes well. Will be thinking of you.

Green jello...yuk.. I prefer Cindi's chocolate mike and chocolate cake yummmmmmmy.

Good luck, enjoy you time off. :roll::wink:


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I already told you, but wanted to say it again, good luck..I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

You may run a checklist before the surgery to see if there are any other organs you want taken out while you're there, so you can get it all done at once 8) .

Things will be fine... except maybe the jello :shock: ...

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