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how do you use chat?????


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Hi friends,

this is not an urgent question but Ive been trying to join chat. I finally got in tonight and some of you saw me, but I dont know how to type a message in. There was no spot I could see to type. I would love to join you, can someone tell this novice what to do?????????? Thank you, friends!

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Linda, at the bottom of the dialog box is a white area, type your text in there and then hit the enter. Go to the chat room and practice putting in text. I did this yesterday because I was having login problems just to make sure I could really get in.

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Guest peggyd

I must really be slow ... I can't seem to figure out how to get INTO CHAT. Please help. Would love to try and join you Wednesday night.

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If you are unable to see the line where to type, this is because you have you display resolution set too low. 640 x 480 or something in that avenue. It is really hard to make things fit the screen or work at that low resolution. I just set mine to that as well and could not see the bar to type.

I will see if I can modify the screen to a smaller one, but it may not be possible as this is all tied together now, but I will try. I think you would enjoy the internet more and be able to see more on 1 page without having to scroll if you were to set the resolution to at least 800 x 600 which is one of the 2 internet standards thus far. 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768. Please let me know if you need directions to do this as well and I will be happy to post them.

Thanks everyone...


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I have made some changes to the chat program, everyone should now be able to see the input line now. I have made the window smaller.

please take a look and see if it works for you now...



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