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Injection #10


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To make myself happy...

I do something brain numbing, like writing out the bills, then I move on to gardening. Nature is in the garden, not just the blooms, but the bugs and the worms and the sunshine on the dirt. I enjoy gardening barefoot.

...and then, coming in to fill up the tub with an epsom salt soak and a glass of wine, some music and candle light and slipping in to clean sheets...

But if I don't have time for all that, a Snicker's bar is a real close second! :wink:

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oh boy!!

good one for me, Katie.

Most of the time, I am a pretty happy girl. Every once in awhile, I notice that I am not. That is when I have to sit back and think, "How am I feeling?" It will be a negative emotion (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, etc.) that may be blocking me from my joy. I sit back and feel that feeling until it leaves me. Then pretty soon, I am back to my happy self again.

I had mistakenly believed all my life that I had to do "something" to find happiness. Shopping, exercising, sports, parties, telephone calls, make-up, pretty clothes, the right friends, the right job, career advancement...

All the while it was inside of me. It was just buried under all of the other emotions I chose to ignore in the haystack that covered my happiness right at the bottom. Now my happiness is kept on top of the haystack or not too far beneath. It is easily accessible to me. I can tap into it whenever I want or need it. It is always within reach. It is no longer elusive.

Once I learned this "technique" I am no longer unhappy for too long at a time.

Cindi o'h

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Mine is alot like Cindi's...but i haven't gotten to the not "doing" anything...i write poetry. I dump all my rotten feelings onto that paper (yes, i still use paper to write them! :shock: ) and then later, i'll type them into a file on my computer. But as soon as they hit the paper, those feelings aren't IN me anymore...i'm able to let go of them.

Seems to me, as i look through that file, i've not done too badly at being happy more often than i'm feeling icky...and i even found a few happy ones in there!! You all help keep that happy thing going more often than ya know...thanks :)

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I have been sadder this past year since I have ever been in my life - but - I am still happy. My life makes me happy, great family, great friends, many, many interests - basically I am just a cockeyed optimist.

And I have basically been blessed, good health, always have had a roof over my head and food on the table, always a job that kept me interested all of this in addition to the family and friends.

Not much else you need to be happy.

Oh yeah I forgot, a couple of million dollars!!! LOL

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Old jokes! Some old jokes (from way back, when dirty words weren't mandatory...and slap-stick silliness could get you guffawing) will get both my hubby and I roaring. And a good belly laugh is always good for the soul.

Counting blessings, of course.

And looking into the faces of my two dogs....Grumpy Linus (Walter Matthau in a dog suit) and Miss Mattie Mae (Suzanne Somers from Three's Company) and seeing the adoration in a dog's expression...well it's gotta make ya happy!

I love to knit baby things and give them away...and I've been making felt pins and doing the same. Doing something for someone else (especially a surprise or the unexpected) ALWAYS makes me happy.

Along the lines of Lincoln's quote, Katie...one I've always loved is...."Happiness is not getting what you want. It's being content with what you already have."

That may not be the exact quote and I don't know the author...but will try to find out and edit this to give credit.

Edited to say I didn't mean to leave out spending time with family and friends...but mentally, I put this in the "counting my blessings" category.

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Having my kids here and taking everyone out to dinner to their favorive place since they were little kiddies. That is the PUB here. Besides the food, great salad bar.

Sitting on the beach on a chair near the ocean, where the water comes in a goes over my feet and reading a great novel.

Looking at my husbands when he is sleeping and knowing with all he went through that he is my hero.

Meditation and sending prayers to help others.


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I think I needed this post...Hmmmm....What do I do to make myself happy?

I am a licensed midwife, therefore I deliver babies, at home. There is nothing that can pick me up better than a wonderful birth of a beautiful long awaited baby. That new baby reminds me that he/she is God's opinion that the world should go on.

I also sew, alot. I make fitted cloth diapers, cloth wipes, nursing pads, baby blankets, keepsake baby clothes and a little quilting. I enjoy making homemade soap and sharing them with those that stop by to see my husband. I love to cook and I spend time with my kids teaching them all I can about life, cooking, sewing, music, etc...I'll be 36 next month, my kids are planning to play some of their 'own' music for my birthday.....ear plugs anyone? :)

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Watching my boys laugh at a movie, or just having them, out of the blue, tell me they love me. Also, when I'm not liking them to well :D , it seems it's time to go to the dentist, he has the good gas that makes me forget I didn't like them at that time! :D:D

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Scrubbing my body every morning in the shower with Sephora's Coffee and Cream body scrub. Smells just like a cup of coffee and cream! However, I don't like the taste of coffee so I then race from the shower to the fridge and suck down an ice cold Diet Coke. Makes me SMILE really big.


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I make myself happy by making others happy. It has always been the way I have been. Sometimes I wonder why I always put others happiness above mine and I dont know the answer but I do know that when I make other people happy, even if it's a stranger then I am happy.

God Bless,


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Embarrass my kids in public. My 11 year-old daughter "loves" when I break into song at the grocery store. My 8 year-old son "enjoys" my kisses at the mall. They know that I'm just being goofy, and protest loudly. I'm a good role model....it's important to lighten up and be goofy evey now and then!

:) Kelly

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