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Hello from Karen

Remembering Dave

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Hi, today is my first day back at work since I took Dave to the ER on June 10. I haven't had internet access at home for quite some time now, so it's my first chance to get on the board so I thought I'd just pop in and post an update.

Faith and I FINALLY got moved July 27 and 28. We LOVE our new house. It's nice and big and has a really open floor plan, I had a nice vinyl five foot picket fence put up around the backyard so the dogs have plenty of room to run around and Faith has a backyard to play in without any worry. She says she loves the new house but is a little confused why we don't live in the old house but I think she is starting to understand. I can get her to daycare in five minutes or so and another 15 on to work, that is quite better than the 1.25 hours the trip took in the past. I bought new furniture for the family room and a few other pieces like new dining room stuff, new bunk beds for my guest room, and treated myself to a new really girly looking iron bed. Dave's friends have especially been a big help, especially his best friend Roger and Roger's teenage daughter and his parents, they are awesome folks. I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through this summer without them and I tell them so every opportunity I have. A bunch of ladies from the law firm I used to work at came out and unpacked and set up my kitchen for me. Just lots of friends and activity which is a welcome change from the isolation we lived in before. I'm having my teenage friend's 16th birthday party at my house this Saturday, which is Dave's birthday, and I am looking forward to having the house filled with friends and kids and teenagers and have something positive happening on a day I'd otherwise be sitting around missing Dave miserably.

So we are doing pretty OK. I miss Dave terribly, but I want to be happy and eventually find someone else to share my life with. I've lost 31 pounds since Dave died, purely through healthy eating and exercise. I CRAVE health now. Before I stress ate myself into near disaster, but my family doctor and I have been working on my health issues and she's thrilled with how much better I am just in six weeks.

Cancer sucks. I think of how much Dave suffered and how hard he fought, and I just get angry, but then I remind myself how much better of a person I am because God gave me the gift of Dave for 12 years of marriage, and I am so thankful for that. One can only feel pain if you've experienced joy first, so I suppose I should count the intense pain of losing him as a reflection of the joy he brought me. Dave was a real gift to everyone who knew him.

God Bless,


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Karen, it is so good to hear from you again! I think about you and Faith so often and wonder how the two of you are doing. It sounds like the new house is absolutely perfect for both of you. After losing someone we love, change can be really good. I did a lot of redecorating after losing Dennis. In addition to making things different, it kept me constantly busy. Wow...you were able to really cut down on a lot of driving time after the move! That can add lots of extra sleep-in time in the morning...a good thing for you and Faith!!! I'm glad your house will be filled with laughter on Dave's birthday. We all know that is justs as he would have wanted!!!! I'm so proud of the strong woman you are, Karen!!! Keep it up!!!

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I am impressed by your strength and your optimism. It has to be vry hard doing this on your own. The month after Bill died I changed our bedroom to pink. It was a little radical but it seemed to help knowing I was at least trying to take care of me. It is kkind of a realization that you HAVE to be the one to take care of you,. Enjoy your new house and know that David is with you everywhere you go.

God bless

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Hi Karen,

Glad to see you post. I am happy to see that you are getting settled into your new home. Living close to work has its advantages, I should know I live only 5 minutes away. I run home for lunch all the time, (watch a soap during lunch). If I have left something at home I'm only a few moments away.

Everyone teases me about me staying in 5 mile radius, my comfort zone.

Best Wishes,


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It was good to see a post from you. I think of you and Faith and David often. He put up some fight with this da__ disease. Anyhow, I'm glad the new house is working out so well. It does sound great for you, Faith and the dogs. Also congrats on your weight loss. As you said, you don't have the stress eating and now you'll have some time for yourself to take care of yourself. That had to be put on the back-burner for a long time.

Keep in touch with us.

Gail p-m

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Well hello Karen,

So good to see your post. I as going to PM Becky to see how you and Faith were coming along. I am glad to hear that you are both doing so well. And all that weight you lost, that is wonderful. I am suffering here trying to lose 10 lbs. :roll:

It is also great that you are so close to work and Faiths school and you do not have to spend most of your time in a car. Now there is time for you and Faith.

Have fun this weekend. It will be a blessing to have all those people in your new home.

I am also so glad you had Dave's friend and his family to help you settle in.

Stay in touch when you can. I miss you posts.


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Dear Karen,

I've been thinking of you a great deal -- so it was great to see your post and to hear your "voice" loud and clear. Your new house sounds wonderful and I'm sure Faith will get adjusted to it -- so many changes in her little life. Glad your friends and family are there for you and that your life will continue to be full. It's good that you have some time for yourself as well.

Keep in touch with us all -- we miss you!


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