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Injection #4


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Yeah, I think I'd just stay me. It's been a lot of fun along the way so far...and I've got a great family....and if I came back as someone else, maybe I wouldn't have so much fun OR such great people in my life.

Everything that happens goes into shaping who we are...our character, our outlook.

All that said, I wouldn't mind a bit though, if I looked a little more like Cheryl Ladd! :wink: I think she's so All American and gorrrrgeous!

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If I wasn't me I wouldn't have these 2 wonderful children. Anyway, I like me, so Iam content. Just would change as far as furthering my education. My parents never pushed me to go to college. They just did not push women to go. It is so different now of days.

But I do want to come back in my next life as a georgeous blond tall with long legs, flat stomach with men at my feet. :lol:


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I would be the scientist that invents the cure for Lung Cancer. Then I would be the FDA board that gets it pushed through in an expedicious timeframe.

If thats not available I am content with who and what I am....

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