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Hello! This is my first time on the board. I have been feeling a little lost lately because my dad is suffering from lung cancer and I feel like no one around me understands what I am going through. I thought maybe it would help to talk to other family members who are going through the same emotions. I don't live right by my father, so I am limited in what I can do to help him. I call everyday and go visit him as much as possible. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't really want to see anyone and he would rather be left alone. I try to honor that and then I feel guilty, like I am not doing enough to help him or my mom. He has gone through two rounds of chemotherapy and neither one was successful. He has been taking Tarceva for two months and he does not feel like he is getting any better. In fact, he is now having shortness of breath and is coughing pretty badly. He had a CAT scan on Friday and will find out his results tomorrow. Just thought I would try to post on here and air my feelings. Thanks for listening!

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Welcome Bronwen!

I know it's hard and overwhelming, but I'm glad you found us. The people here are so loving and comforting and you'll find wonderful friends here.

For the first six months of my Mom's fight I was living in Washington while she was in Illinois, so I understand well the limitations of living so far away. If you'd ever like to chat on that vein (or any other) feel free to PM me.

Welcome and stick around. I'm praying that Tarceva will be JUST THE THING for your Papa.


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Welcome Bronwen. I also understand the difficulties of living far away from your Dad. I live in British Columbia and my Dad lives in NY. We also speak almost everyday and I spent 2 1/2 months with him during chemo. He also knows I'm available, if needed. My father will be starting Tarceva today or tomorrow. I pray that your Dad has had some success with his Tarceva. Good luck with the scans.

Gail p-m

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Bronwen, glad you are here and glad you posted your feelings. You are not alone in those feelings. In other words, you are normal. Keep us posted on your dad and yourself, and let us know how we may support you.

Kids of parents with LC have a double whammy. First, you are afraid of losing your dad. Second, you are feeling your own mortality because it "might" be in the genes. Be patient with yourself and with your dad. He is going through a lot, too, and it is good that you cue off of what he wants and needs with each visit. I wish you well. Don

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Hi Bronwen. I'm so sorry your dad is going through this right now, but I am glad you found us. This place has been transformative for me as I try to walk through my mom's LC.

Don's right, there's some unique stuff that comes with being the kid of a parent with LC (I think each relationship probably has its own set of issues, I can't imagine this happening to my S.O.). Hang in there, gather lots of info, and lean on us as much as you have to .

I will find out today what chemo, if any, is in my mom's future so I may have more to share with you on the Tarceva front soon.



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Welcome to the site, I am glad you found us. When you get the scan results you will know where things stand with your dad. Hopefully the Tarceva is working. If not, there are other options for him...keep reading and researching. Let us know the results.


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