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Tahitian Noni Juice

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I have been in recent contact with a cousin that I suspected that I had. Our great-grandfathers were brothers! That's kind of a cousin...

We have been emailing each other for several months. I told him in the last email that I sent to him that I have lung cancer.

He is from Tahiti originally. His mother is Tahitian. He was raised on a yacht between Hawaii and Tahiti, but mostly Hawaii. He said that he will send some Tahitian Noni Juice to me, the pure stuff. I have heard about this briefly from my estranged Hawaiian sister-in-law. She swears by it. But, she swears by too much strange things so it is difficult to sort out what is valid and what is not.

Anyway, my cousin, Teri'i, will be going to Tahiti again soon to visit his 90 yo grandmother and wants to know how much he should get for me. Sweet, yeah?

I don't know a thing about it. Really. But, hey...I think anything coming with love from a cousin is a good thing, don't you? I am somehow very excited about it, probably because it is from him.

Cindi o'h

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I've never tried it but, about 5 years ago I worked for a vet near Sacramento, CA, and one of his young vet partners perscribed and sold Noni Juice for pets! He took it himself, too! :wink: It was expensive and I thought it was a lot of hype so I never tried it. But some pet owners swore it helped their pets - none of the pets had cancer, however.

Let us know what you think.


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