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Mike's scan results


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Got Mike's scan results today. Scanned his chest abdomen and pelvis last week and found that the lung mass has remained stable and has even had some shrinkage. The adrenal mass , however , had increased a bit. That was a surprise to the onc. He says it doesn't usually happen that way. The good thing is that there is no progression of disease to any other organs. Overall, we are happy with this news. The doctor wants him to start on Tarceva. Waiting for final approval from the insurance company now. He also says he believes the mental problems that he had a while back were due to steroids. He believes it was steroid psychosis. He gave him a brief mental test today and he passed with flying colors. :lol:

My poor hubby has been through so much in these last four months. We are very pleased that things are going this well. The onc did say that the Alimta had caused the pneumonitis that he had in the past and that Tarceva was capable of doing the same. He wanted us to be aware of that and the first sign of breathing problems to quit the pill and report it. He would have to go on large amounts of steroids again. :? We are trying to have positive thoughts and overall we are feeling very thankful for the news. Many Thanks to all of you for your prayers. It would be so much harder to get through each day without you.

Love and Prayers to all,


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Hi Sue...

Congratulations are in order..

oh. speaking of order. You know what my next question is... What'll it be? Did you ask the doc if Mike can party with us tonight?

So. You will try the Tarceva and hope for no pneumonitis. Well, that is what I will hope and pray for too... right along with you.

love, Cindi o'h

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