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Petechiae or Purpura / Tarceva related?


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Has anyone had any experience with a sudden onset of petechaie or purpura? Bill woke up this morning with an area about 2" x 1" on each of his forearms. He didn't suffer any type of trauma to cause this bruising. Since he hasn't had any radiation or chemotherapy (except the Tarceva) for over 4 months, I don't think that is causing it; but wonder if it could be an allergic reaction to the Tarceva. Anyone else have any experience with this?


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Pat...Purpura is kind of like a surface bruising. If not for the blue/purple coloring, it would look a great deal like a patch of age/liver spots. Just that it showed up out of nowhere that has me (yes, just me...not Bill) concerned.

Fay...he doesn't go in for bloodwork until next Tuesday, which is why I wondered if this needed more immediate attention. I hate to feel like I keep crying wolf with the oncology office, but I'm afraid the one time I don't over-react...will be the one time I should have. Can't win I guess.

Thanks for the help and the prayers.


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I can only relate this to my son's blood disorder. He has ITP -- idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura. It is a disease caused by low platelets. In my son's case the platelets are mistaken for a foreign body and are attacked and killed off. Thus, without treatment, he can bleed very easily depending on his platelet count. I would certainly go for blood work quickly to get it checked out. ((Very seldom, it can lead to intracranial hemorrage; it's unusual but can happen)

Please let us know how this goes.

Gail p-m

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My vote is that you call.

Brian had peripheral neuropathy w/ Tarceva (still does) and doc said that is NOT a common side effect.

The drug is SO NEW. The docs are all learning.

When we were with our doc on Thursday last week, he took very careful notes on all of our input on how Bri felt on Tarceva.

We are praying and praying.



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