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NBC World News Tonight -- re: lung cancer ( Monday 8 August)


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I just flipped the channel and caught a spot on lung cancer on NBC (Monday August 8th.....not the Lisa O spot). It did an okay job on LC. It did talk about the lack of funding and associated it with the smoking stigma (not that any of us didn't already know that). Anyone else see it??


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Yep, I caught it too. As you said, it was okay. It really concentrated on how little progress had been made with treating lung cancer, gave the usual grim statistics and I kept thinking say something about lack of progress due to lack of funding. Just before it ended, this was mentioned due to the stigma of cigarette smoking.

Hopefully, with Peter Jenning's death, we'll hear more about lung cancer and not just today and tomorrow while his death is "fresh" in people's minds.

Gail p-m

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OOPS! The spot I caught tonight wasn't on World News Tonight. It was either on CBS or NBC. I generally watch ABC World News and wanted to do so tonight to see the tribute to Peter Jennings at 6 but there was some sort of sports game on the network and I guess that was more important to ABC than paying tribute to Jennings for us West Coasters.

Gail P-m

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Nope...missed this one. Although I am heart broken about Peter Jennings death, I am sure that the passing of such a famous person will definitely bring needed media attention to lung cancer.

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I didn't see the spot last night, because I was watching the tribute to Peter Jennings on ABC. However did watch the TODAY SHOW this morning and they had a wonderful segment on Lung Cancer. I found it more imformative than the segment on ABC Saturday night. I wished I had taped the segment.

Best Wishes,


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hey all

I saw it too

thought it was pretty good

i kept knodding my head thruout the segment

my poor husband however really was in denial about all the statistics so it was like a slap in the face for him..He was under the impression that once they got it all it was over...now he understands i aint out of the woods yet....

i only hope that with jennings death and now reeves it will bring this whole issue to the table

the good and the bad and the ugly truth needs to be spoken


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