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Carrie Ridley


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Carrie L. Ridley

1963 - 2005

My dear sweet angel Carrie passed away July 30, 2005. Carrie had been diagnosed on February 4, 2004. She battled Non-Small Cell Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer for 18 months, she was the strongest fighter I have ever seen.

Carrie was a absolutely beautiful woman both inside and outside. She cared about everyone and would give a stranger the shirt off her back to help them. Her goal during this illness was to beat it so she could go around to schools and speak to kids about the dangers of smoking in an effort to get them to never start smoking. Unfortunately she couldn't get quite well enough to achieve that goal, though I do imagine she is trying to make it happen from heaven.

Carrie's love of God never wavered during her battle. She never one time complained about the grueling surgeries (lung and brain), chemotherapy or radiation treatments (lung radiation, two rounds of whole brain radiation and two rounds of stereo tactic radiation surgery), and she never asked "Why me" or blamed God. Instead, Carrie fully believed that God had a higher purpose for her. She was incredibly couragious.

Carrie got a great deal of information and comfort from all on this website. She spent many hours researching other people's situations and side effects as well as giving suggestions of solutions she had found to work and words of encouragement. I myself spent many hours on here researching for her as well. I can never thank all of you enough for the help, inspiration and just words when in need you have giving to us both. I will continue to think of you all and pray for you and your loved ones that you may beat this horrid disease.

Carrie to me..was my everything. I will miss Carrie every minute of every day until the good Lord sees fit for us to be together again.

Sherrie Cameron

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