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Peggy's Don viewing tonight


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Hi all,

Just in case you did not see the obit on Don Perryman, the obituary of Don is in the obituary section with a great picture of Don on his bike, with a wonderful tribute obituary of him.

The viewing is tonight between 4 to 8 PM

I want to send prayers to Peggy and Mike for strength to get through all this.

I will light a candle at 6 tonight in his honor. I lit a candle on our candle site here in his honor also.

The funeral is at 2 tomorrow.

Peace be with you and your family, Peggy.


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Maryanne...thanks so much for reminding us of this. Last night, I went outside and lit a candle in memory of Don and all the other members that we have recently lost. It was very sad, as the list was much longer than the last time I did this. I have not been able to get Peggy off my mind. I know how she is feeling and so wish there was something I could do to help.

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yes. I am deeply saddened by our losses.. so many. so intense. I think it is wise that we do something ceremonial to bring peace to our hearts. I will have to have to light a candle here at home in a quiet peaceful space to remember all, their struggles, sadness and pain.

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