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I am out of control!!!! :>)))))


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Decided to edit this and move it. since I first posted it I flashed an email to 20/20, World News tonight, and GMA. In case anyone missed it, our Lisa's lovely face is all over there. :D Go Lisa!

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2005 11:11 am Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post

Yesterday I sent a draft to Oprah and Dr Phil. Apparently he has done shows on cigarette addictions and has some program set up. Oprah had Dana Reeves on after her husband died.

After the dana Reeves news, I just drafted a new email to both of them.


Here it is:

Sunday, August 7, 2005, Peter Jennings died from LUNG CANCER. Today, August 9, 2005, Dana Reeve announced to the world that she has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER. One had a smoking history, one did not. One was male, one was female. LUNG CANCER does not discriminate. LUNG CANCER is not a “smoker’s disease”, for no one is safe from this most common form of diagnosed cancer .

Yet look at the funding for LUNG CANCER, and remember: Lung cancer kills 85% of newly diagnosed patients within 5 years.

· Federal government spending on cancer research in 2004:

$13,953 per breast cancer death

$10,318 per prostate cancer death

$4,618 per colorectal cancer death

$1,723 per lung cancer death

Our online LUNG CANCER support group, the Lung Cancer Support Community can be found at www.lchelp.org. We have 2,187 members worldwide, both patients and caregivers. We are young and old, male and female, smokers and former smokers. We have many on our site with lung cancer who have never smoked, and still face this dreaded disease on a daily basis.

Please consider a show on lung cancer. People need to know this disease.

Do it for Peter, for Dana, and for all of us.

Gail Clark

member of Lung Cancer Support Community


I just decided to send this to ABC as well.


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Thank you Gail. I have been saying for a long time that we, who can, need to get noisey. The unfortunate news about Peter Jennings and Dana Reeves will, it is sad to say, help our cause.

I try to remember to email TV and newspapers etc, everytime there is anything significant enough to get the word out.

Bring in the noise, bring in the funding.

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Very well written! You have done an OUTSTANDING JOB!

Now, lets just hope we can maybe make some much needed noise. I too am going to type up a letter, very much like yours and sign my name to it. MORE IS BETTER in this case!

Ya know Gail, it's easy to just sit and post our thoughts to the board here, but it's more IMPORTANT to get the WORD OUT THEIR! I hope others will take 5 minutes and send a letter or email to make a differnce. I know I'm going to!

So proud of you. I support your efforts and I join you in making a difference!

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That is really great, Gail!

I have been in touch w/ LUNGevity Foundation several times this week, and they are using this week's unfortunate events to try to generate some additional "buzz" about LC. It's a shame that it takes something like the loss of Peter Jennings and the diagnoses of a "famous" person to create buzz, but this is apparently the momentum needed to get things going.

LUNGevity sent out a press release, had phone interviews with The Today Show, several tv stations, radio, magazines, etc. I took that press release and submitted it locally to Philadelphia's ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. I think if we all continue to do our small part, we can and will make a difference.

In the words of Margaret Mead: “Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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Hi Gail,

That really hit the nail on the head. Good job, I could not have done a better job.

I hope you get some kind of response and it does not go to death ears.

I pray that all this hype of Peter Jennings and Dana Reeves that this is not just a hit miss that will be forgotten about in a couple of months.

It would be great if she can become a spokesperson for LC, but I know she is busy with the stem cell research, and now she has to take care of herself. But still she would be the best spokesperson LC could get. So many people admire her so much.

Great job, Gail..Way to Go!! :mrgreen:


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Great letter, Gail!!

I feel like "Johnny Come Lately" to this post...but I was just inspired myself the other day to write one on behalf of all those with l.c. I don't normally have/take the time to check this forum too often...but am getting to where it seems more and more important to DO SO! Am glad I saw this.

Your letter was well written and I applaud you for sending it out to so many. Surely someone will listen?? It's about time someone (they ALL?) did!

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