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Well, my CAT scan has been rescheduled for August 18th with the dr. follow up on August 23. #$%^&^%$#@ because the machine is being repaired/replaced or somethin. SO, guess I'll have to go to the butcher for more pork chops, with a stop off for a bottle of wine to calm me down. (Breath, Joan, Breath!)

Spunky Joanie, (the pork chop lady!)

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Well, we can have a nail biting party together. My next scan is Aug. 19th to find out if the Topo is still working. As long as it is, will keep getting it in the same kind of cycles (5 days of pills, 2 weeks off).

If I could start over as a kid, I think I'd make it my mission in life to invent something better than that icky barium I have to drink before these scans. Ick. I take an hour before to drink that stuff, then they stick me for more IV contrast, and I'm barely under the scanner long enough to scare up much of a nap!

Oh well. Like my Pulmonologist told me long ago -- Scans will be part of my future indefinitely!

Hang in there.


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Hey Joanie Girl,

Put that damn pork chop on the grill and have it for dinner. :lol: And by alllll means the wine sounds like a GREAT IDEA! What time would you like company for drinks??? :wink::P

What a bummer about the CT scan. Breath In, Breath Out, Repeat, Repeat, etc. etc........

Words I try to live by: "You Can't Worry About Something You Don't Know!" :wink:

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Darn Joanie, I was going to post to you tomorrow, that it is finally coming on Thurs. Now they went and rescheculed...how dare they do that after you bit all your nails off!!

Breathe deep... Breathe deep...it will be here before you know it. :roll:


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