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feel like screeming!

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I guess I just need to tell someone that 'gets it' but today when my husband had his appointment with our PCP he let us know he will be closing his practice as of 9-2-05!

This is a wonderful man, friend and doctor. Another doctor from his small practice stole a large sum of money over some time making it impossible to Dr. A to continue in private practice :cry:

He knows all about Ronnie, sees him through all he has been going through, overseeing all his care from the different specialists...it's just not fair!

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this is crappy, being with professionals you trust is a a huge part of getting through all this! maybe you can continue to see him wherever he ends up working? I don't know. I would be disappointed, too.

so here's hoping this is one of those "one door closes another door opens" situations.



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I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. Finding doctors you trust and that know you is hard. Losing that kind of relationship is the pits. Is he turning his practice over to someone? Perhaps you could inquire about who he would reccommend. I know it won't replace him , but it's a start. Good Luck


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Sorry Darlene, that is really the pits. Poor guy, he must has been devestated. :(

I like the another door open approach. Maybe someone on here who lives near you in Texas as a good doctor they could recommend.

Keep us posted, Darlene.


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What a lousy deal - for you and Dr. A! Potholes in the road feel like giant ditches when you're going through something as rough as cancer.

Dr. A must be able to make a recommendation to a doctor he knows and thinks highly of. At least you're more likely to get somebody LIKE him that way. Hang in there! I try to think, when something seems negative, that maybe in the end I'll slap my forhead and see that there was a good purpose behind it. It's been known to happen. :wink:


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Go ahead and scream! Unless you've actually done it, you need to try it. Screaming out loud can help to release a lot of tension and frustration. I used to roll the windows up tight on the car and scream when I was driving on a quiet stretch of road! After screaming, I would definitely ask this wonderful doctor of yours for a referral for a new physician. I'm sure he will give you great advice. I know how "abandoned" this must make you feel, since you obviously have trust in this doctor! Hope you find someone equally as wonderful!

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Thanks for so many warm replies!

Fay A, what you said actually made me laugh out loud!

I spoke with a new PCP today who called Dr. A's office to get records. Dr. A told him Ronnie's basic run down of health problems and that I will be coming in with my rather large notebook of medical records. With that Dr. Bhatia made the decision to accept him as his new pt. However he will not be able to write the Rx for Ronnie's OxyContin. So I called his Pain Mgt Dr, that he has not seen in a while, and he readily agreed to manage all his pain meds. Yipeeeeee!

Ronnie did have his biopsy this morning, we will know what type of cancer tomorrow. This new doctor is just WONDERFUL. He called in all cardiac equipment for a just-in-case and none was needed. Ronnie came through with no problems and is home working on his airplanes tonight. (R/C airplanes-that is)

~ On another note I will be volunteering at Dr, A's office off and on for the next three weeks to see them through the close. I can schedule seeing my own patients around the days I will be there. When I offered to help out, he cried on the phone.....

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