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Today I received my results and everything is stable and from having lungs that looked like snow I now only have the primary tumour. It really is an amazing result and a huge improvement since March. The lesion on my spine is still only 6mm, so I am very grateful that Tarceva is working. I know there have been a few results on here this month that havent been so great, my news just makes me realize how lucky I am. I would really like to thank everyone on here for their support, I know that I will never meet any of you, but today I was thinking of you when i walked into the onc's office. Thanks again!! :D

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Okay, Shar,

you set the bar for Tarceva results!

WE are so very happy for you and hope that you wave your arms toward the US to help send along that good Tarveca Vibe for Bill and the others on the Traveca Trail.

Glad for good news and glad for you.



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So glad for your good results. We haven't had enough news like that here recently. May I also inquire since you've had success with Tarceva, did you get the rash from it and if so, how long after starting it did it appear? Just wondering cause my father started Tarceva on Monday.

Again, congrats and may Tarceva continue working and working!

Gail p-,m

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