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Snowflake Well Wishes

Connie B

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I didn't realize that my husband had signed me up for one of the DIET SUITES! Geesh! My first "meal" was breakfast this morning - cold cereal and a small bowl of grapes! (Hey, maybe I lost a few pounds, that would be a good thing..)

I'm back, but walking carefully to avoid possibly falling. My pathology came back benign and the surgeon told me there was a very interesting and large fibroid on the left side (I've been having horrible pain in my left side for quite some time).

...and I'm home. Home to nap a lot, I'm sure, but home where I CAN. Geez, a person could probably sleep better in a bus station than in a hospital!

Cookie missed me. We have to have physical contact where ever I am. It's cute, but she IS a trip hazard.

Thanks for all the good wishes, wish they had been wishes for chocolate cake, I didn't even get green Jell-O! I got "strained soup" - looked like gravy to me! First "meal" was this morning, Corn Flakes and grapes! Geesh...

Take care, all,


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Baked Alaska! We need a recipe in our cookbook. When I was in Junior High, I made that 2-3 times and took it to school. Everyone loved it and it was awesome how you could cook the meringue in the oven with ice cream inside of it and not melt the ice cream. I was easily amazed and entertained at that age. Boy, I'm really rambling tonight! Sorry. Becky: Prayers for a speedy recovery. Take care.

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Welcome home Becky,

It seems like your Club Med turn out to be not exactly a memorable occasion. Actually one that will be behind you and forgotten shortly.

I am glad that they seem to have found the source of your pain, and sooooo glad about your pathology report came back,(that wonderful word) benign.

That is great news. Keep that little vacation going, get plenty of rest and make sure you have plenty of Becky time. Let everyone else wait on you. :D

Take care my friend and remember I am thinking of you and praying for a quick recovery.

Hope they gave you some good meds,to help you get over the "post op hurdle". ( sounds like a song title) :roll:


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