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The internet greeted my with this article

http://articles.health.msn.com/id/10010 ... 100000000/

I am searching how to respond to her.

-I am a former smoker. I was (am) a non smoker longer than I was a smoker.

-I was led to believe (in the early 80's) that if I quit smoking, after 10 years it would be like I never smoked

-My nodule WAS caught early by a CT scan.


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It can be exhausting keeping up with all such articles, and yesterday I thought I'd try just sending back a very short message with one question: "So, when can we expect to read the rest of your article, since you obviously omitted so much pertinent information from this one?"

I guess I should be grateful that this is finally getting some air time, and may result in more funding and more research, and I AM! But some of the lack of information, ommissions, ignorance, etc. Sheesh!

At the very least, this gives a good opening and head start to Lung Cancer Awareness Month, no? I already have my local ABC affiliate waiting for me to remind them and I'll be sending them some information just for that. They did a much better job here locally giving good information than did ABC last Monday.


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i cannot believe that someone would even print something like that article! 100% preventable??? Excuse me... but I had cancer, lost my lung and I have never smoked. Not even once.. NOT ONE TIME!! I did not live in a smoking household AND my spouse did not smoke. Stuff like that makes me so angry. How many people are out there that may not seek treatment for symptoms because they don't think they could possibly have LC afterall they have never smoked. Plus the amount of doctors that may overlook symptoms because someone is a young, non smoker...

I feel like we have made a huge leap backwards... as in "LC they asked for it!"

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