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A Sad Commentary


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For almost 3 years now, I have been annoyed at the remark, "He smoked?" after telling people about my dear Earl.

I have responded, often I think to their disbelief, "You have no idea how many young women, who never smoked, have lung cancer."

Well, unfortunately, Dana Reeve has given a face to this truth. I wish her nothing but a total cure. I wish all of us that this educates the insensitive.

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Unfortunately, this morning this exact comment came up at work and off I went. Held my cool, but proceeded to educate people about lung cancer. Maybe that's why I'm still here, to get exsmokers to request CAT scans, to inform the women I work with that LUNG CANCER, not BREAST CANCER is the number one cancer killer of women, that smoking even ONE cigarette puts you at risk, and that most of all it is the ultimate unkindness and serves absolutely no purpose at all to blame someone for their own disease. Although it is a terrible problem to deal with, maybe the last few days will sink in in the American Public's eye and we will finally start to get the funding so desperately needed for research.

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I agree completely. I have been asking any dr. I have been to visit since my father was diagnosed back in 2001 for a CT scan of my lungs and NOT ONE will abide by my wishes. I don't fit the "profile". It infuriates me. I just asked my dr. yesterday again but he sent me for an Xray instead. I told him I have had a cough for a few weeks now. Instead he wrote me a prescription for Nasonex! I want a CT scan. I am 41 years old, almost 42. Can anyone please let me know how I can get one. If I have to pay for it myself I will. Does anyone know the cost and do I need a dr. to write the prescription for it or can I go in and get one on my own. I am terrified and this latest news on Dana Reeve is very distressing. My heart breaks for all with this disease.

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