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My e-mail to ABC


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Thank you for your kind condolences to Peter Jennings’ family. We have forwarded a copy of your e-mail to the family.

You can read about Peter Jennings on the ABCNews.com website.

To whom it may concern:

I'd like to offer my sincerest condolences to Peter Jennings, his family and those who knew him.

I think all of the e-mails saying that because of what happened to Peter Jennings, they will quit smoking is just great.

I am saddened though that the content of your broadcast on Lung Cancer focused primarily on smoking, and not on the profound lack of funding, the need for early detection screenings, the fact that even AFTER you quit smoking you are still at a higher risk of developing lung cancer years later, and finally, that 60% of those diagnosed with lung cancer are NON-SMOKERS. 10% of that population are NEVER smokers. Telling them to "quit smoking" doesn't actually apply in their case does it?

If you want to do a broadcast on the dangers of smoking- concentrate on that and cessation programs, etc. 400,000 people die a year from smoking-related illnesses..

But when doing a story on Lung Cancer, it is so important to include ALL the facts, because we are all at risk..

Hoping for change, awareness, funding and research, but most of all a cure~

Katie Brown, President

Lung Cancer Support Community.

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