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My response to todays article at msn


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I did it again


here is the link to the article


August 10, 2005

In response to Lung Cancer: The Preventable Killer by Marilyn Lewis. In my opinion, this article is an insult to every lung cancer patient and their families. I

lung cancer is virtually 100-percent preventable

Explain that to Dana Reeve and the others who have never smoked and are now fighting this beast. Lung Cancer Support Community www.lchelp.com has many members with the disease who have never smoked.

quitting is a far-better strategy . . . than screening

I quit smoking in 1984, had smoked a pack a day for 10 years, and was a non-smoker for 17 years when I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Would you care to interview the grieving family members of former smokers who have died?

My nodule was first discovered by xray. Do CT scans help? Apparently the author doesn’t feel they do. However, after my xray I was given a CT scan which confirmed a nodule. Surgery was performed, and 4 ½ years later, I am still here.

Gail Clark

member of Lung Cancer Survivor Community



Do you know how much housework I haven't done in the last two days? :wink:

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