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Just wanted to let it out...


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It hasn't been a good couple of days for me. Please knock some sense into me if you think that it's stupid that I'm feeling resigned and upset again. It appears that some of us here are winning the battle, and I specifically refer to those who have not had surgeries, those whose tumors are 'far along'. But then after a period of stable scans and/or remission, cancer will rear its ugly head and come back eventually. It's just so dreadful and unfair. I am deeply saddened by each member we lose here, because it represents my eventual loss. Forgive me if that sounds so... pessimistic. I have not really meant to offend anyone, but that's just how I feel at the moment. :cry:

On top of that are the family problems. Relatives who are so inconsiderate that they still pick fights with Mother. As if they don't see that she's struggling so much as it is. I wish I can do something for my parents, but things are really beyond my control... I feel helpless and guilty.

God bless, everyone.

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