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Anyone know about some sort of laser surgery???

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Just an update on my dad and a question for all of you wonderful, knowledgable people here. My Dad got his CT scan result and it was not good. His tumor has actually grown by 20% after using the Tarceva for over two months. In addition, we found out the reason he has been having difficulty breathing is because the tumor is pressing into his windpipe. They are sending him to where I live to have some sort of laser surgery to hopefully alleviate this pressure. Is anybody familiar with this type of procedure? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Oh, Bronwyn,

I'm so sorry the Tarceva has not helped your dad. At least the doctor feels there is a fix for the breathing problems. I don't know personally about the laser treatment he mentions, but someone will be along shortly with an answer!

Wishing all the best for you and your dad,


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Using a laser to clear out an obstruction is what is done from what I have read. Some articles date to 1987 so it has been used for a long time.

The are called Ng: YAG lasers.

Sometimes Photodynamic therapy is used to do the same thing but *might* help with the overall treatment of the cancer not just the obstruction

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Bronwyn,I have had laser surgery to open up my trachea which was 80% blocked by a tumor.

The laser surgry in my case was done with a machine same as a broncoscopy procedure.But my blockage was inside the airway.They then put in a stent to keep the airway open.After that it was on to more chemo and radiation again.

Laser surgery as a rule is usually much less invasive than conventional surgery.It is often done as outpatient and healing time,pain and discomfort are usually much less.

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I remember seeing a program on tv shortly after my dad passed..It was a new procedure they were doing here in Michigan.. It was done on a tumor that was blocking the patients windpipe, he walked into the hospital using oxygen and walked out without it..It looked very promising..At one time there was info on their website..The hospital is Henry Ford in Detroit I believe...

Good Luck

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