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I've been sort of "away" this week and not responding to many posts at all. I was sick for a while- then all the bad news lately.....+ work, kids, etc...

Please know that I read all your good news and celebrate with you. I read the not-so-good news and pray even harder for you.

I just have to get some things done and will be "away" from the boards more than usual for a couple of weeks.

I just wanted to post this so no one thinks I am ignoring their posts for any reason!

Prayers and love,


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Oh Katie,

I hope some of the time away may be to just rest up and have some relaxation time for yourself. Of course I don't REALLY believe that with two kids, etc., etc., that it could really happen.

Take the time you must. We do miss you when we don't see your name, but we certainly understand.


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Thanks for the heads-up - your absence will be noticed quickly and now we don't have to worry.

You've got time to yourself coming with intrest! Take care and we'll take care of the board while you're gone. No parties, we promise! (Well, how about we just promise to clean up after ourselves!)


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I'm flew back into town on Saturday. I've been busy trying to catch up on e-mails, PMs and administrative things.

I've read all your posts. While I won't have the time to answer many of them, please know that my prayers and love are with you all.

I'll be trying to catch up with everyone all next week.



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Missy Katie...now you lissen up to an OLD mother!! :wink:

We moms all know that if we don't fill up our OWN wells once in a while, there is nothing left to take care of kids and hubby....nevermind 2,000 some website friends....you know? :roll:

We know your thoughts are here even when you're not. You and Rick wouldn't BE here at all, if that weren't the case.

Take the time you need to catch up. I may be a bit absent myself in the coming couple of weeks...but not quite so much that I think I'll need a hall pass.

If I DO though...I know Ry will hunt me down like a mongrel dog and slap me with a fine...won't she?

Guess I better just show up. :roll:

Anyway....relax and do what you need to, Katie. You've more than "earned" the time! 8)

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Welcome back Katie, Great pic... I still think you look like a little girl :D so cute.

Anyway, take the time to regroup. I think we all did a good job in taking care of the board during your absence... :) But certainly missed your presence here.


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