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The Official Dean Carl Update


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Dean called tonight but unfortunately I was having our lake association meeting here so John talked with him. He is bed ridden now and unable to get to the computer so he asked us to post for him. He hopes to dictate a letter for Gay to post for him soon.

Dean is very weak and now has brain mets. He has fallen a couple of times so he needs to be careful getting up. The brain mets are upsetting for him and he is taking anti-anxiety medication and working with a therapist. Hospice is coming in twice a week. He is now off the vicodin and taking Oxycontin.

John said he talked a lot about the birds he is watching and listening to. His daughter is visiting next week and he is excited to see her. So please keep Dean in your thoughts and prayers, hopefully Gay can read him the messages.

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Dean is in my thoughts and prayers. I truly hope the anti-anxiety meds work quickly and that he enjoys the birds and really gets to appreciate his daughter's visit.

Thanks so much for the update. Dean is such a special man and such an icon on this board.

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Hi Gay,

Please tell Dean I am thinking of him and sending out prayers for him for healing and for him to be comfortable.

I miss his posts as he was such an uplifting individual.

Hugs to both of you. (((((Dean & Gay))))


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Dean and Gay... Not a day goes by that I don't think of the two of you and wonder how things are going. I'm so glad Dean's daughter is coming for a visit. I know that will really raise his spirits. Glad to hear Hospice is coming in to give you a hand, gay. Make sure and take all the help you can get. This will give you some rest time. We miss both of you and are sending lots of hugs and prayers for you!

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I hate to think of Dean Carl suffering, as well. I hope the anti-anxiety treatments help, and that he is comfortable. I am so glad he has Gay, the birds and his daughter to love and support him right now.

I am with all of you in spririt.

love and prayers,



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Dean Carl,

Hope you enjoy hearing from us -- you were just about the first person to respond to me when I came onto the board after Len's diagnosis and your encouragement meant a lot to me. I hope that your daughter's visit gives you a lift and that you enjoy your time with her (and she hers with you). Keep your eyes on those birds! Hope the new pain meds help...



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Thanks Ry,

My continued prayers to Dean and Gay. Every time I watch the birds, I think of you Dean. I know my husband , Mike , has said to hear the birds chirping in the morning is like having God talking to us. Isn't it strange how this disease changes us. He would have once said, "those damn birds woke me up" and now it's "I feel God is speaking to me". God Bless you both.

Love and Prayers,


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Thank you, Ry.

Dean and Gay,

I has been months since I have have logged on--but not a day went by when I didn't wonder how y'all (and the rest of the lchelp family) were doing.

Dean, you have been an inspiration for us from the moment we first met you on lchelp (back in spring of 2004). We continue to be one now. Geoff is now taking pictures of birds--we think of you often as we review them of the computer. He's got some really nifty tropical ones! He has a gallery posted on the web--I'll get the link and PM you.

Until then--all our love to you both,

Melinda and Geoff

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