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Tarceva in addition to Chemotherapy

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I have a question - as I posted yesterday, my dad was told that the Tarceva has not helped shrink his tumor. In fact, it has grown by 20% and is blocking his windpipe. He is to have laser surgery tomorrow and then his doctor told him that the following week he will have to start chemo again since the Tarceva is obviously not working by itself. My concern is that I was looking at a cancer website and it stated that Tarceva should never be used along with chemotherapy. Is this true? I will see my dad today and I don't want to alarm him, but I was concerned about this. Anyone know if this is true?

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I honestly don't know. My mom is only on Tarceva, but at her onc. app't this week he said that they may think about chemo in the future. I don't know why they would do this, as her tumors haven't grown significantly, and they have told her they can't cure it.

Keep asking the questions. Someone will have the answers for you.

Good luck!

:) Kelly

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Hi, There is an 800 toll free number you can call and ask questions. I asked out of curiosity since I am on it also. My understanding talking to them was it would be at a doctor's approval to take it in conjunction with something else. They also mentioned that all there studies were based on taking Tarceva as a single agent. Worth a call in case I miss understood. Hope this helps. Here is the number 1-877-827-2382. Rich

Here is the site also http://www.tarceva.com/tarceva/patient/contact.jsp

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