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Emailing The Hunger/Breat Cancer Site


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http://www.thebreastcancersite.com/cgi- ... ponent.0.0

My cousin works for the folks who put up the hunger/rainforest/breast cancer site. Since Mom was diagnosed, I've been telling him to make some noise about Lung Cancer awareness too.

Well, today I decided to make my own noise. I'm going to email them and applaud them for helping women get mammograms and then include some information about lung cancer.

And... do a little name dropping.

I thought of others wanted to, they might resond more to LOST of emails, so here is there contact info.

--Trying to be heard!--


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I wanted to applaud you for your efforts to fund Mammograms for women. Cancer is a horrible, horrible disease and early screening is so very important. Any edge that a woman can have to fight against cancer is invaluable, and I applaud you for making this possible for more women.

That said, I wanted to mention another extreme threat to women and individuals in general: Lung Cancer.

In the wake of Peter Jenning's death and Dana Reeve's diagnosis with Lung Cancer, something should be done. Lung Cancer is deadly. Over 50% of lung cancer patients are diagnosed in the late stages of the disease contributing to a positively dismal survival rate. It's a vicious, vicious disease yet it receives relatively little funding.

Lung Cancer will claim more lives this year than prostate cancer and breast cancer combined, yet people are reluctant to fund research to stop this beast of a disease.

Over 160,000 people will die this year from Lung Cancer. 70,000 of them will be women. This is far more than the 41,100 deaths projected per year due to breast cancer.

What is perhaps most staggering though is the lack of funding lung cancer research receives. The figures break down like this:

$13,953 per breast cancer death

$10,318 per prostate cancer death

$4,618 per colorectal cancer death

$1,723 per lung cancer death

Something MUST be done. Too many people are dying, with too few resources to combat such a deadly disease.

I wanted to bring this to your attention as your website is so committed to bring light to overlooked problems in our world, and providing resources where they are most needed.

Those suffering from Lung Cancer desperately need help.

I am personally invested in this cause as my mother passed away less than a month ago at age 58 from Lung Cancer. I must be her voice now. Please hear me. Do something for people like Peter Jennings, Dana Reeve, and my mother.

--That's what I said--

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Thanks for making some noise! LC needs "cheerleaders" out there! I do think that Dana and Peter and their unfortunate experiences will assist in getting the spotlight to be more focused in this diease. I have felt more compelled to do more in the activism side but am not sure how. I like that you saw an opportunity and took it!! :D

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