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gotta take a break

Remembering Dave

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I need to take a break. Dave is gone, and there is nothing more I can do to help anyone. I miss him and being on the board doesn't help. I need to make a new life for Faith and I. I may be back later, and those of you with my work email address feel free to be in touch, but I gotta go. The new focus is on ME and on Faith and keeping us both happy. I haven't done that in over two years.

I love the friends that I made on this board, especially some of you fellow widows and widowers. I think you "get" it.

God Bless,


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I love reading your posts. I will miss you so much. I sent you several e-mails, did you get them? Thank the Lord, you have Faith. Please stay safe, enjoy your new home and know you are thought of, often. Please stay in touch any way that is comfortable for you...

God Bless, prayers and gentle hugs,


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I'm not in the Club either but I certainly do get it. You need to take good care of yourself and that beautiful little girl of yours. That's what's most important. Take all the time you need. Whether or not you drop in to "visit" on the board, you and Faith will be in my prayers and thoughts.

Gail p-m

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Hi Karen,

Best of luck to you and Faith for a healthy happy future.

I hope all went well with the party that you had at your home last Saturday.

You will be missed but it is understandable that you want to move on.

I just hope you stop back every once in awhile to give us an update on how you and Faith are doing.

Take care Karen, live life to its fullest for as you know it can be taken away from you at any given time.

I wish you and Faith "all things rare and beautiful".


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Karen...I know how you feel and completely understand. For a long while, I was only able to drop in occasionally. Now, I feel that maybe I can share my experiences with someone else. Yes, it's time that you remember that life is about living and not about dying. For months, the dying aspect was all you could think about and now it's time to once again live!! Your Dave would definitely want you and Faith to "kick up your heels" and dance!!! Karen...like Dave....I hope you dance!!!!

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