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dealing with anxiety


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First of all, my prayers for all of you. I feel for you and with you.

It is 6 months now for me and some of the immediate problems have passed - I am improved though it is still far from over. I still have one problem I believe connected to the anxiety, I am afraid I am going to choke when I eat. I have a lot of trouble swallowing pills, too. If I take medication beforehand (melt in my mouth, not swallow), it eases away and I am okay for a while. I am told there is no physical cause. I guess it is just another phase of that fear of death / fragility of life thing but this is a real problem. A lot of my other anxiety problems are gone now, thank goodness.

Has anyone else felt like this for a while? Any helpful suggestions?


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Hi, Ry, you sweet lady, you. Of course you are right, no harm in making sure. A few months ago I went for physicals, chest x-ray, mammogram, blood tests, at that time they said depression and anxiety. But other things have faded, this one hasn't yet, I think I will go back again, just to make sure and relieve my own mind. It does seem to me to be a hyper-awareness, as if I am busy and involved, sometimes I don't remember to have the problem. But we will make sure.

PS Ry, you are so special, hope everything is well with you and your family.

Love to all, Margaret

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hi Margaret.

just good to see you post. You know how we all love you! It is good to see you are getting "through" your grief.

Beth, "justakid" was having problems swallowing pills and would have to go in for stretching of her esophagus, but that was after raditation did a number on her throat.

ps... how are all the ducks and dogs and critters of the wild on the homestead? Any stray beercans? :wink:

love, Cindi o'h

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Hi Margaret,

When I lost my 1st husband to a car accident when he was 29 that is one of the first things I remember feeling is not being able to swallow. My Mother who lost my Dad at a young age of 46 said the same thing. She had trouble swallowing. I have to say though mine did not last months, perhaps weeks but yours seems like a long time to still be feeling that. I would have the swallowing test and make sure everything else is okay.

You are in my prayers Dear Margaret.

God bless you,


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Margaret -

This may or may not be helpful... I went through a terrible time last month thinking that I was choking (or rather it felt like I was being choked) every time I put something in my mouth. My Doctor had me sent from her office to the emergency department for x-rays and they came back negative.

The emergency room doctors came to speak to me about and suggested that I was demonstrating classic signs of anxiety following a terrible loss. The choking sensation never went away, however, and I ended up back at the doctor's, where they decided to have me tested for an ulcer or acid reflux disease (one symptom is a choking sensation and you may not feel heartburn) brought on by stress.

Food for thought.


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Margaret...so very good to hear from you. I think of you so very often and wonder how you are doing. I don't want to tell you to not get this checked out but I can tell you that I had an almost identical problem. Like you, I didn't seem to have the problem when I was busy or preoccupied. When I was alone and quiet, it was almost as if I had to stop and remember how to swallow. I have to tell you that I thought I was losing my mind. I kept thinking it somehow had to do with the fact that I had so much trouble getting Dennis to swallow. Please get checked out, just to make sure everything is OK with you. I developed anxiety problems after Dennis died that I never had before. I am now severely claustrophobic. I had to have general anesthesia in order to just have an MRI. I never had problems with a dentist before and now, I have to have anti-anxiety meds before having a cleaning. I am fine until the chair goes back and then I feel as if I can't even breathe. Our minds can do really strange things to our bodies! Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going!!!!

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Margaret,sorry you are feeling anxious. I seem to have that problem about every three months. Will have a few days of anxiety and then it seems to pass. Weird. Stress does all kinds of strange things to the body. Agree with the suggestion that you should make sure the swallowing is not a physical problem first of all. Doc might have an idea or suggestions. Praying for you. pammie

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