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This is Melody saying thank you so very much!


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The other reason for waiting on this surgery is that I am having problems with my section 8 housing. I have written to everyone for help. I can't go into surgery with no home to return to. I need to go into this surgery with a good frame of mind. They are taking their time resolving this. I have written to the Governor and my senator and whoever will listen to help me resolve this quickly today.

I sent your posts about the importance of moving quickly on this lung surgery also. I am pretty fearful because I have increased difficulty breathing. Actually much difficulty. Watering my flowers is now too much for me. I am also exhausted. Otherwise I am in pretty good shape I think.

I did not think the tumor was the problem. Three centimeters is small compared to a whole lung. I did not see how this would affect my breathing.

I feel alot better now about the surgery. Aftere reading some posts I know now that I should be and am grateful that it can be operated on. Can it grow too much to be inoperable?

The PET scan came out incolclusive. I had a difficult time laying still for that. I asked for another cat scan and my doctor would not write the prescription. Actually deep down I wanted a PET scan and this time I want something to something to help me keep still.

I would like to know if it has grown even though now I will not balk at having this surgery. NOT AT ALL!! You have convineced me. I wish my doctor would have told me about this site. Had I had this to turn to

I would have had helpo and an easier time deciding what to do.

Somehow I just feel that it has grown. Even before I found you this thought crossed my mind and I did not know it could grow so rapidly.

I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am to you all. I think finding you was a gift from GOD.

Is it normal to have difficulty breathing as a result of a lung tumor that size. I guess the tumor is near the heart and a lymph node. I hope you don't mind me writing like this again so soon. I sure am lucky to have found you.

Making the decision to have the surgery as awful as it is has taken a weight off of my shoulders I think. I at least know what needs to be done now. I am rambling so I am going to end this now. Thank you so very much!

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First off, I hope you get this housing issure resolved real soon. Maybe if you expain your situation that could pass it through quicker. :roll: Just a thought there.

I am glad that you have accepted the surgery. I can't answer you about the SOB you are having. I could only second guess and say maybe it is the locaton of the tumor but I really do not know.

As a rule, the tumor should not grow that fast. You should not worry about that.

Please take care of yourself you seem to be in good hands.

Let us know when the surgery is goint to be scheduled.


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