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Good News August...not all good.


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Hi Addie,

Well, sucks big time. So sorry to hear this. Just want you to know that I am sending prayers to you big time.

Keeping everything crossed for good results from your other scans.

I know you will get through this as you are definetely going to fight this. You have a good man right at your side to keep you going.

Wow this month has really turned into such a bummer.

I feel so helpless here. Still I love your Additude as it is so uplifting all the time and that is half the battle there.

Hang it there, this too shall pass.


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So sorry to hear your news. You'd think we're do for a "run" of good news but it's not happening. I know you must feel frustrated right now but you're a fighter and you'll do battle. Nothing wrong with a daily bloody Mary and don't know if it has to be a weak one. Sending prayers your way too.

gail p-m

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Yeah, put me down for the "this sucks" column...

I think that you'll feel better once you have a plan. Its crap knowing that you have something, but not knowing exactly what or what the plan of action is. Too bad we don't have our doctor's cell phone numbers, huh?

I'm keeping everything crossed for you that your other test brings back good results for you.

Wishing you some type of inner peace for now (even if it involves massive bloody marys)....

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One light bloody mary, two light transfusions with vanilla vodka. I might not have done my liver much good today...but I managed to get to tonight with a minimum of tears and even a couple of laughs. :roll:

I have "at least a dozen" brain mets. But the largest is only 1 cm., which is the good news. The MRI machine is only a month old...state of the art...and highly sensitive. It showed up 2 mm. mets.

I had a chat with my rad. onc, since my onc is out of town and so is my primary. Rad onc says I can still have some brain radiation...and he will call my onc first thing Monday morning to figure out a game plan. I see the onc Monday afternoon after my chest/ab./pelvic CT.

The other option that is most likely is Temodar but I don't know at this point whether I'll also continue on the Topotecan. Temodar comes in pill form. Original developed for brain cancer, I think...but works on mets too.

I've sort of got my mental state on hold right now. Leapfrogging again. I'll worry when I have no other options. But I can mentally put off the worst of this till Monday when I find out the game plan.

I keep telling myself...I FEEL good. Okay, sure, I had a little headache today...but sheesh, it's probably a pure tension headache, wouldn't you think? :roll:

Can't drive anymore though. At least my rad onc highly recommends against it in case I seizure. Geez, I drove myself to chemo Monday and Tuesday of this week. :?

I so appreciate all your good thoughts, wishes, prayers and positive thoughts. I'm gonna just keep putting one foot ahead of the other.

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Addie dear, I saw this earlier and just couldn't respond. I am heartsick. Please know if thoughts, wishes, hopes and prayers can help you, I am thinking, wishing, hoping and praying that the next round of treatments are the kick butt ones.

Please keep leapfrogging and imbibing or whatever you need to do to keep that Addietude. Whatever you need my friend.

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I am afriad that I am no expert. However, I do know that while Geoff's mom had brain mets (and the sound of them scarded the stuffing out of us), they were one of the easier parts of her treatment. She did not experience any real symptoms from the brain mets, and the treatment was quick and painless. For her, the only drawback was that she lost her hair from the whole brain radiation (WBR) (which she had managed to miraculouly keep through all the rounds chest radition and chemo). She was a beautiful woman--and that was hard for her. But--all in all--her brain mets did not phase her, much to our collective surprise.

She was not a candidate for the Gamma knife--or stereotactic--but there have been a number of people on the board who have had goo to great results with them.

I also know someone who developed brain mets from a different cancer, had WBR, and is still merrily rolling along 10+ years later.

A big (((HUG))) is coming your way. All the best,


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I'm sorry about this news. I had a brain tumor which I don't think is the same as a brain met.? I don't know Addie, I just love you and hate this disease. Be encouraged though by all the others here who have had and are living with brain mets.

Go find something FUN to do this weekend!!!!!!



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Dam_, Dam_, Dam_, Dam-, Dam_.....

Stupid cancer--but you'll outfox it yet! I'm glad the doctors are working on the options for you and I bet they'll come up with something that will knock the stuffings out of each of those little mets and do 'em in for good.

We should start a pool on how quickly they can get rid of them!

I'll just have to have a bloody mary myself to toast you and your rapid recovery and your addie-tude!


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Addie-I saw this earlier and did not respond-I had to think it over too.

You have had to wait this whole weekend to find out what is next. That is always the hard part for me. I can handle the news and what treatment they want to do but the middle-not sure what is coming next always gets me!

You keep doing what you are doing to get thru til Mon-Tues and then start fighting these LITTLE mets.

Love Cindy

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I just read your post tonight. :( What a lousy thing to find out, especially from a doctor you don't really know. I can relate to your comment about comforting HIM - guess you were trained to be a "nice" person, too! :roll:

Hope you get better news this week. Fingers crossed.


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Addie, I'm with many on this one that this news is, CRAP, SHI%, POOH, SUCKS, DAM_, Son of a GUN, etc. etc. etc.

And as for the "GOOD NEWS AUGUST" saying goes, IT TOO SUCKS! I say NIX August and move on to September! OY VEY! Enough Already!!! :(

I just wanted to say that I sure hope you get some solid answers today. A good game plan would be in order here.

I'm no Cindi the Bartender/Barowner, but I do make a MEAN BLOODY MARY!! :wink:

Prayers and more Prayers.

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I hope my dad's story would be a reference for you.

my dad wasn't give`n any meds for brain mets. My dad did get a PCI, but PCI doesn't guarantee no mets to brain, i think it only delays it. The neurosurgeon did the brain surgery to my dad. But my dad is a very special nasty case that the cancer just spread / reoccurred in just a blink.

Talk to the onco & neurosurgeon, see gamma knife / radiosurgery / radiation would be possible.

Keep us posted and I certainly keep you in my prayers.

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