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This past week


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I need to vent abit. This past week has been really hard on everyone here.We've lost some wonderful people and others have received less than good news about their tests. Reading all of this has really got me down.I know I'm worried about me next week, and I'm sure that plays into my low mood, but I am truly saddend about all the loss we're experiencing. Then the public announcements also serve as a reminder of just how deadly this can be. I try to forget that, in order to keep my sanity, but it seems it's always in my face.

I'm going upstate in a little while. While I'm there, I'm going to sit quietly and have a long talk with the Man Upstairs. I have to. He has to stop all this bad stuff. I'm putting in a good word for all of us. I wish everyone a peacful and happy weekend and a break from bad news.

Joanie ((()))

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Oh Joanie,

I lived on L.I. for many years and went to school upstate. I loved it there. Where are you going? I guess it is going to be one peaceful, relaxing spot, a good place to communicate wtih the man upstairs. Good idea to tell him enuf is enuf. Please enjoy your break and still sending prayers out for good scans for you.

gail p-m

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