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Lehrer Newshour interview on LC and comment

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http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health/j ... _8-10.html

A perceptual change must occur in the treatment of lung cancer, and research. Lung cancer is still perceived as a self caused disease even though statistics now reveal many young women who have never smoked are getting lung cancer. Those who have smoked are not to blame. The cigarette companies are to blame and yet local and federal governments use the monies received in tobacco settlements to patch pot holes and pave streets.

Our government's behavior is destructive and nihilistic. Our governement exists to serve us, in fact we are our governement if this is a democracy. I urge all of those affectd by lung cancer to speak out!!!Let your opinions be known to the medical community (oncologists) and your state and federal representatives. No one deserves this disease. More money for lung cancer research must be appropriated. Only by our ACTIONS can we affect any change.

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